Tipping Point Masterclass

Last Wednesday I left the house to learn a little more about Digital Marketing. Tipping Point organises multiple masterclasses a year and last week we got taught some interesting facts about Digital Marketing by Matthew of Plectrumm. I'm sharing some of the pointers with you in this article. First of all I'll make sure to … Continue reading Tipping Point Masterclass


'Vrouwen maken gewoon minder snel goede muziek' is one of the projects I have been working on with a couple of incredibly cool music-nerds! Need more Dutch females in your Spotify-lists and or on your radar? Here you go! http://www.vrouwenmakengewoonmindersnelgoedemuziek.nl/ https://open.spotify.com/user/annaoosterling/playlist/0vcoJ1vkey3FwQBYqMOdvk?si=CQrMtL__SYWj_IxdJVHe6A