A brief overview of the projects that I am or have been involved in.

CHAOS Music Magazine

CHAOS Music Magazine is an online music platform focusing on indie artists and alternative music. I am the coordinator of the CHAOS UK team.

Northern Music Collective

The Northern Music Collective was founded to champion emerging artists. All members strive to do this in everything they do.

Rebel Rose

Jay Landman (Pillar Artists) and I decided to join forces and set up our independent music label Rebel Rose at the end of 2019. Rebel Rose utilises the personal dedication, passion and expertise of its founders to support local artists.

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‘Vrouwen maken gewoon minder snel goede muziek’ (translated: women just don’t make a lot of good music) is one of the projects I have been working on with a group of like-minded music industry nerds.

Need more Dutch females in your Spotify-lists and or on your radar? Here you go!

Spotlight Music

Together with a group of inspiring writers I cover emerging artists and their releases across the North East region and beyond. The website features an extensive array of written content such as reviews, interviews and opinion articles as well as video content.

Music for the Misfits

In 2017 I set up independent music blog Music For The Misfits to cover emerging artists from all over the world. I do this with great pleasure and love discovering new artists and giving them the attention they deserve. If you are an artist that is interested in coverage please visit the website and reach out!