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Below you find some releases I have previously worked on.

Ninetysix – Moodswinging

Benedict – When We Were Young

FOXHAUNT – Open Water

With some wallowing guitars in the background in the bridge, they’re teasing you as you get ready for the drop into the chorus, when it finally hits you’re welcomed to a wall of guitars upon guitars and those crunchy basslines and festival sing-a-long worthy lyrics.

It’s All Indie

The band achieves magnificent cohesion and explodes in the stadium-worthy refrain. At 2’40 ” comes a break with a very interesting bridge that incorporates elements of the best grunge just to return to the chorus in all its brilliance.

Rock Fueguino

Permeating and penetrating, with a powerful and overwhelming sound, with ‘Open Water’ Foxhaunt open up and unleash the full power of their musical delivery.

Nova Music Blog

FOXHAUNT – Trust No One

The Arosa – In Chemicals

Nick Howe – It Belongs To Her

The Escapades – Cut Me Loose

The Vices – Life Grows