Tipping Point Masterclass

Last Wednesday I left the house to learn a little more about Digital Marketing. Tipping Point organises multiple masterclasses a year and last week we got taught some interesting facts about Digital Marketing by Matthew of Plectrumm. I’m sharing some of the pointers with you in this article.

First of all I’ll make sure to get out of the way that Digital Marketing is the same as Social Media Management, it is not. Social Media Management entails knowing how to play the socials through posting as yourself or as your band page, while Digital Marketing has a lot more to do with branding your band through choosing and picking your audience and making sure how to grow that audience. That audience does not consist of your friends and family but of genuine fans, how to find those fans and make sure to keep them is a tough one but there’s ways to do it!

To circle back to Social Media Management for a little bit, I need to mention that following a trend does not mean that trend will work for you as well. Sharing your toilet-breaks because you have seen other artists doing it might actually come of as you copying others instead of being yourself and creating your own content.

Back to Digital Marketing, I’m aware it is a bit of a grey area for a lot of music industry professionals as well as artists. Even labels have a hard time cracking the code, as Matthew stated. However, it’s a lot easier and within reach than a lot of us think. Think of smart URL’s for your fans to pre-save your single, or to share an overview of all the links that lead to your music online. These smart URL’s are free and easy to create for everyone! Talking about free, promoting your brand does not have to cost a lot at all. Be careful with your boosted posts on Facebook as it’s still hard to crack the algorithms and can cost a lot as Facebook wants your money almost as badly as you want it!

There are certain kind of ads that can however have you gain a lot that don’t have to cost a lot. Think of Instagram Story ads, merchandise carousel ads and dark ads. The last one I’ll briefly explain, it’s an ad you can run on Facebook that won’t appear on your Facebook timeline and appears to a target audience that you choose and are not your already existing Facebook-fans. When it comes to your target audience for ads, there are a lot of options you can choose from. On Facebook Ads & Business Manager you can easily pick your target and create campaigns. Most important is to have a little play around and find out about your audiences before even setting up a campaign.

Now ads can give you a great deal of insight in your audience and they can help you a lot when trying to sell merchandise, gig tickets or when trying to build up streams. About that last part; don’t worry about your streams too much, they’ll follow as soon as you’ve got the following on social media and they won’t make you too much money before hitting a million streams.

I’d like to thank Matthew and Charlie for hosting the masterclass and am excited for the next one about Managing Expectations on the 18th of March! Entrance is free, but it is important to register to make sure you’ll get in!

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